God tells me as a follower of Jesus Christ to cry out to Him for help. He always forgives and delivers.

However, I don’t enjoy “crying uncle” to those who support our many Interface/iFace missionaries.  But that’s what I must do, after 6 months of trying a new online giving program.  We have to change the platform, which requires you to re-enter your bank or credit card data. I regret asking you to do this.  I trust that you will forgive me for making this change if you hear the complications we’ve endured the last 6 months.  

After our former Good Shepherds Bank online giving platform was canceled on 12/31/12, we scrambled to find a suitable replacement. After struggling to capture lost e-donations in January 2013, we began using Authorized.net on our website, www.iface.org. We had high hopes that both credit cards and e-checks would work easily. We announced that e-checks, like the ones we had with Good Shepherds Bank, would be the best value vs. credit cards that cost us about 2.9%. To some extent that is true. However, what we did not know was that it would take Authorized.net 9 days to remit e-checks to our bank. Although we can live with a 9-day lag, it delays the process of informing our staff what income they have received for any given month. However, what’s strangling us is that there’s no logical or timely way to reconcile the Authorized.net e-checks. We’ve spent 100s of hours and dollars to find a remedy, but nothing works. I have to cry uncle.

So what have we done about it?

We have changed our online giving platform to EasyTithe. Yes, it’s easy. It’s almost identical to Good Shepherds Bank. If you are a current donor, your name and address have already been imported, but not bank or credit card information.  

Here is what you need to do As Soon As Possible: 

1.       Go to www.iface.org and click on “donate” tab (www.iface.org/donate-to-iface).

2.       It will take you to a general giving information page.  Click on the Online giving link. 

3.       It will redirect you to http://www.easytithe.com/dl/?uid=inte1813278 

4.       For current donors: you will see your basic contact information after you login with your email address and current password.  However, none of your bank or credit card information is there.

5.       For new donors, please see the new user registration on the left side.

6.       To use an e-check — still the most efficient way to donate online — please look for thisusecheck icon to update your bank routing and account numbers.

To enter a credit card donation, please fill in the necessary data.

7.       Mark which staff or ministry project you want to support.

8.       One last important detail: after you submit your data at EasyTithe, we will automatically be notified within 12-24 hours so that we can delete your giving from the old system. Otherwise, you will be debited twice. In other words, if your normal donation is to be debited or charged on July 15, for example, please initiate your login to EasyTithe a few days in advance so that we have adequate time to delete your old account.

9.       If you have questions, please contact us at: 770-934-7797 or bob@iface.org

Thank you for your prayers and support that keep us reaching internationals and scholars with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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