What’s your Olympic goal?
“My drive in life is from this horrible fear of being mediocre. And that’s always pushing me, pushing me. Because even though I’ve become Somebody. I still have to prove that Somebody. My struggle has never ended and it probably never will.” Madonna, Vanity Fair interview.

“More than other idols, personal success and achievement lead to a sense that we ourselves are God, that our security and value rest in our own wisdom, strength and performance… The false sense of security comes from our deifying our achievement and expecting it to keep us safe from the troubles of life in a way that only God can.” “Only when we see what Jesus, our great and Suffering Servant, has done for us will we understand why God’s salvation does not require us to do “some great thing.” Jesus salvation is received not through strength but to the admission of weakness and need.” Tim Keller, Counterfeit Gods

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