In case you are wondering what’s going on at, so are we! It’s been a crazy month trying to stay afloat during the “perfect storm” that hit us on 12/31/12.  As some know, we tried to prepare for the tidal wave of our Good Shepherd’s Bank closing on 12/31/12 while at the same time reconfigure to a WordPress platform.

I had previously interviewed 2 major merchant account/banks in November who said they could do it seamlessly. Huh. Last week our web designer asked me to read Isaiah 30:1-3 and the next day, on my 2nd day of fasting, I fired those two reps when it became grossly apparent they could not connect us to their “gateway.”
What happened next is a bit more bizarre  — as I was on my way to interview a 3rd new banker, my van blew a new tire. I couldn’t discern who was trying to stop me for going there: satan or the Spirit of the Living God.  As I talked to this bank by phone (while AAA was on the way to replace the tire) I was more determined, like a cow trying to stand on 3 legs, to give them a try because they said, “Give us 24 hours.” Another promise….broken! 6 days later, I called to ask what 24 hour period they were referring to and decided to look again.

Then it dawned on me that our original merchant account might still be operational even though the Good Shepherd’s Bank account and software were kaput. Sure enough, the rep said our account was still open and we could receive funds by adding to receive new payments. That’s precisely what our web developer needed.  In less than 24 hours we were back in business.

Thanks for your prayer support to calm this storm in the Perfect Name of Jesus.

“I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me? Jer 32:27

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