We made it back fromgo-west1 our Go West  trip on time Sunday morning.
Rather than arrive by bus, our dear brothers & sisters in Christ @ Intown Community Church blessed us with free 1 way airline tickets from Salt Lake UT, where we drove in vans after seeing the Grand Canyon, Zion, Yellowstone, & the Grand Tetons National Parks and 4 other National Monuments in Arizona. Most details were seen on my Facebook posts.But for those who missed them, one of the most significant highlights of this trip and of all our GO West trips, was a small church in Flagstaff Arizona who did not know us yet who freely gave us the keys to their 3 shuttle vans to see the glorious Grand Canyon and 3 other National Park while we waited in Arizona for our bus to be repaired. When we learned that it would take another 2-3 weeks for the bus transmission to be replaced, we prayed for fresh wisdom how to finish this Go West adventure. At that very moment, we discovered we could rent 2 large vans one way that allowed us to travel to the Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and along the way to visit Zion N.P. before dropping off the vans in Salt Lake, Utah and fly home. Amazing what you experience when you learn to walk, ride and fly by faith!

FYI: As others flew to Atlanta, Aunt Lynn and I drove to Colorado to help care for our parents. A few weeks later I flew to Albuquerque, New Mexico to pick up our bus with it’s new transmission and drove it back to Atlanta.




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