Red Rover BusWe left Atlanta on our red sleeper bus with a new transmission, but had to turn around in Chattanooga due to unrelated rickety steering alignment.

On the disappointing ride home, I asked if everyone would rather receive a full refund or trust in the Lord for 1-way flights to Denver & to use of my friend Todd’s vintage sleeper bus in Denver.

All but 2 accepted & eagerly flew w us the next day & off we drove to Yellowstone, the Tetons, Grand Canyon ..and back home to Atlanta on time….Son-set

and 1 hr later, Todd pleads for me to return his bus immediately because his primary bus just lost its tranny! 24 hrs later I rendezvous w Todd in Denver & again had several days to visit my 96 y.o dad by myself.

When asked why so many wanted to stick it out with us on both trips, one student summarized: “We heard that God is at work in your lives and we want to know more about Him.”

That’s the nature of our trips and any good story: Emmanuel: God is with us!

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