I was reading Proverbs 10 this morning and came up with the following list:
Righteousness: (verse number)
Delivers from death (2)
Is a crown of blessing (6)
Gives integrity, leading to security (9)
Brings life as wages earned (16)
Brings understanding (23)
Stands firm forever (25)
Will never be uprooted (30)
Much of this is true not only of Righteousness, but of the One who Is Righteous (Jesus), and the one made righteous by trusting in Him. Here are some further benefits:
Has diligent hands, leading to wealth (4)
Has a wise heart, accepting commands (8)
Has a fountain of life for a mouth (11)
Lovingly covers wrongs, versus stirring up hatred (12)
Speaks wisdom and stores up knowledge (13,14)
Heeds discipline and shows the way to life (17)
Holds the tongue and is wise (19)
Nourishes many by the lips (speech) (21)
Delights in wisdom (23)
Is granted desires (24)
Fears the LoRD, living long (27)
Has joyful prospects (HOPE) (28)
Has the way of the LoRD as a refuge (29)
Brings forth wisdom with the mouth (31)
Has lips that know what is fitting (32)

Who wouldn’t want these benefits? Proverbs 10 also lists the alternative…the results of foolishness and wickedness. I can’t be righteous in and of myself and earn these benefits, but I am so thankful for Jesus’ perfect righteousness which He imparts to me as I trust in Him. May you trust Him for life and righteousness and enjoy these benefits, too.

Nanette Olsen

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