Moving to a new city, studying at a new school, and living with people from other countries? You’ve taken on a huge challenge!

iFace is here for you, from early adjustments to lasting friendships. There are people in your new community who want to know you, welcome you, and do their part to make your time here valuable, joyful, a success.

With iFace you’ll find

  • A hand of welcome
  • Fun and discovery
  • Relationships that foster mutual learning and understanding
  • An atmosphere of respect and acceptance
  • An exchange of beliefs, values, stories…a sharing of life


Friendship Families

Cultural exchange

Trips to local attractions

English language learning

And much more!

iFace is the best place for the internationals. We never feel cold here because we always meet warm smiles, just like home. From iFace I know that American people are so nice, just like friends and family members. And I would like to say: Thank all of you!



iFace is a trusted source of friendship and help.

Our staff and volunteers are committed to serving the newcomers in our communities. We want to be the kind of people who show God’s love in action.

“[iFace] is a melting pot where connections can be made with individuals representing all the continents of the world. It is a gathering that fosters unity, love, friendship, and respect for other cultures!”

Edwin Eno


“Life changing! Though I was far away from home, it was the first time experienced the such great love. They made the time that I spent in the U.S. the best time so far in my life!!!

Li Qian


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