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Simple Church

After a year or so gathering more than a hundred of the smartest students from 25 countries at Colby College in our home through our ethnic dinners, we finally officially launch our Global Friends Fellowship, a simple and organic way of church planting. We started with just a few with the intention of increasing to 25 by the end of the next semester but a month later, we reached that goal so we re shooting for 30 this time. Our goal is to train students from at least 12 countries to plant simple organic churches in their countries of origin and plant a church in a different campus per year. We already have three campuses waiting for us to assist them  to plant theirs after seeing our post on Face Book. As a traditional church planter, I find this way much easier and bound to multiply faster. No fancy building, no expensive PA system, perhaps no paid pastor, and no seminary training required are our mantras. Our ingredients are food, friendship, fun, worship, sharing and learning spiritual values from the Word. Our goal was 25 people at the end of the semester. We just launch it in December with a few people and by January we have already reached that goal. Three other campuses have already asked us for assistance to plant their own simple organic church so we plan to assist church planting training in these campuses via the internet and phone

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