Colleges & Universities

Coming to the US to study brings unique adjustments and opportunities for each student. You work hard to help your students and visiting scholars make this transition well. You want them to be engaged, healthy, and connected during their time here.

iFace works with you

iFace works with colleges and universities to welcome international students to our cities and to offer family and friendship throughout their time here (and beyond). We find, enlist, and train people willing to welcome students into their lives, to go beyond practical assistance to deep friendship. Students, and their families, regularly speak of the friends they’ve made here as their American family. In routine adjustment or the unexpected crisis, iFace can be for students, and you, an invaluable ally.

We are a Christian organization

Our respect for others is grounded in Christian conviction that all are made in the image of God. Our standard of love for others has been set for us by Jesus Christ, who gave his own life that we might live. As those who have been treated graciously, we know the importance, for ourselves and others, of grace and forgiveness. As those whose life is centered on what is not seen, we understand and appreciate others who believe quite differently than we do, yet also order their lives around unseen realities. So again and again we have found that students (of other faiths and none) find our being Christians a welcome, even valuable, gift to them.

Every person is loved by God

Every person is loved by God, made in his image, and deserving of our respect and care. So, we seek relationship that is joyful and lasting. No matter what hurdles appear, no matter if differences remain. As you seek to help international students on your campus thrive, we want to partner with you, bringing all our creativity, energy, and faith to serve your students.

If you’re familiar with the NAFSA Ethical Principles then you get already the spirit and the manner in which we work.

Would you like to partner with iFace? Do you wonder what that might look like at your college or university?