And iface staff in another city asked me to post this:

Last month, a kind friend gave an IFACE worker in Nashville around 100 brand new pieces of clothing from her boutique to gift to some of the Arab refugee ladies she works with.  We decided to throw a clothing party with the clothes and make a day of it for our refugee friends. We gathered in my friend’s home and enjoyed munching on Middle Eastern pastries, sipping hot tea, and enjoying conversation with one another.  We played a game with the clothing where the ladies had to jump up and grab an item from the rack in a certain amount of time.
There were many eruptions of laughter, impromptu Arab dancing, and sheer joy on the ladies faces.  For these women who are isolated in their homes the vast majority of the time, parties like this are a rare treat.  The more that American volunteers spend time with their refugee neighbors; the more we realize we’re really not that different after all.  May we all have such a giving spirit as this woman who donated these clothes to her neighbors in need.

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