“When I walk in your house I feel like I am home.” “This tastes like my mother’s food.” “you always make me feel welcome.” “You always help  internationals”.  Jesus was so clear that his people should take care of those in need—it is this godly hospitality that draws people to Jesus—that makes his presence known in the world and brings honor to his Name.
This year I have seen young women from all over the world come together to support one another in fellowship and prayer. I have seen international moms care for one another  and make friends so that they don’t feel so isolated and alone in this country that is not their own. I have hosted many students on holidays and special occasions so that they feel included and welcomed in our community. God is at work in his people around the world. He is making us hospitable people —not entertainers but welcomers who make people feel at home—God’s people who love unconditionally—just like our Savior.
May God refresh you and make you feel at home in his kingdom. May you welcome Him into your heart and home.
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