What does the scarlet cord of Good Friday and Passover have to do with a tree that almost fell on my house today?

While writing this a message I lost it due to taking too much time researching how many generations there are from Rahab the harlot to Jesus. After all, she is the great great great great great great great grand mother of Jesus with at least 26 generations between them.

So now, what does Rahab have to do with Easter, Good Friday, the Passover and a tree almost falling on my house?

Glad you asked.

The Tree Cutter knew that this tree was predisposed and pointed to fall close to my house. So he slung a lead line midway up this 100 foot pine tree, secured it to a 10,000 pound strong blue nylon rope and then tied it off to a tractor. After the tree cutter made his wedge cut to redirect the tree away from our house and onto my neighbor’s property, he made his final “back” cut.

That’s when the action started.

The tractor backed up to tighten the line and pull the tree into my neighbor’s yard when suddenly the tree got stuck in other trees and started to fall backwards onto our house! “Yikes” does not come close to what the 3 workers were yelling in Spanish & (pardon their) French.

I had been rolling my video in slow motion until that jarring moment of truth. That’s when we found out if the 10,000 pound blue line had enough strength to pull the tree away from my house & through the clutter of trees.

Fortunately, my daughter Sally was in my yard to capture this video, proving it fell in the perfect pathway and that I had run away from where it landed.

So after it was down I approached the Tree Cutter and asked him on a scale from 1 to 10 what was the level of danger of it coming down the wrong way. With big eyes, both he and the tractor driver looked at me and said, “between 15 and 20″!

So how does that blue 10,000 pound cord compare to the scarlet cord that Rahab slung down the walls of Jericho? First, she used it to let the spies escape down the walls and later to guide Joshua and his troops to protect her & her family as the walls came tumbling down.

More importantly, that scarlet cord is a symbol of our way of escape from the perils of the enemy and points us to the sacrifice of the blood of the Lamb of God who saves us from our sins as we put our faith in Christ.

What a Life Line!

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