Students say…               

Wife from Peru, “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to celebrate together (referring to internationals and our family).”

Recent PhD graduate from Asia “We always feel like family here.”

Shaista, Pakistan, “The Go East Trip arranged by Interface provided me a wonderful opportunity to travel from Florida to New York. Apart from being fun and exciting, this trip educated me in the history of the US, which I greatly appreciate. With well coordinated tours of all important landmarks, the members of Interface provided us with an opportunity to recognize and understand the historical and cultural roots of this great country.”

PhD. student from Africa, “We had another offer for Thanksgiving, but I told my wife that we needed to come here because we are part of this family.”

A newly arrived lady from a western Asian country, “Recently I lost my friends but now I have new international friends.”

Amitabh Mishra, India,  “Thanks for taking me on the trip of my life, that I would never forget. I am so thankful for the enriching experience. It was great to be a part of the so-friendly group. You have taken such a good care of all of us, it was such an excellently planned trip, and I have learned so much from both of you that I feel like calling you both Mom and Dad, instead of Uncle Bob and Aunt Lynn.”

Semra Ramosevac, Bosnia, “Go West Trip was the most amazing experience we had. The fact we got to travel across the country and see most of the national parks including Grand Canyon, YellowStone and many others was so unique and once in a lifetime experience. Also, the trip would not be as amazing lifetime experience, if it was not for great organizers and “family members” (Uncle Bob and Auntie Lynn), as well as for the international group of people from all around the world. We got to prove, we can learn from each other about our differences and yet realize we got so much in common! Thank you.”

Yen, China, “We’re very thankful that we lived in Lincoln the first year that we can know you. Because of you and the friends in Oak Lake Church [partners with iFace], we can learn more about American culture.”

Edwin Eno, Nigeria, “IFC (iFace partnership) is a melting pot where connections can be made with individuals representing all the continents of the world. It is a gathering that fosters unity, love, friendship, and respect for other cultures!!”

Nathalie Wan, China, “Happy Thanksgiving. I remember that, last year, you took time for Pauline and I and provided us a lunch in your nice house. We played WiFi and Bob was the best. Thanksgiving is a good time for me to thank you both again for the kindness you had for me during my whole stay in Tampa.”

Sangita & Vinay, India, “Dear Bob and Colleen, Tampa FL. We are so thankful for your help and support … !!! We greatly appreciate the way you are working with us for the group of Burmese refugee. You are the perfect example of action and faith. Colleen, I am sure the way you are helping the Burmese to learn English and loving them. You are making a big difference in their lives. Thanks Bob for your help for providing transport to Burmese people and bringing them to the church every Sunday morning. You have also helped by providing furniture to the needy families. Thank you for your generous and kind feeling towards these people. Personally we are very thankful for such a wonderful couple in our lives. May God bless you and your Ministry.”

Julian & Yi, China,  “Happy New Year!! Julian and I are learning how to serve others and taking the baseball diamond base classes. I learned to read the Bible and take quiet time to wait upon the Lord. And I can feel Julian’s prayer is getting so powerful. We want to be God’s Army, although I have no ideal where we are going to be. Anyway, my dear Colleen and Bob, we missed you. May God’s Blessings rain on you.”

Anita Voon Ying Wong, Malaysia, Greetings from sunny Malaysia! How are you? Miss the two of you very much. Do take care and God’s love be with you both all the time.”

Giulia Vallese, Italy, “My nieces and I were so fortunate to take part in the Go West Trip at the end of July 2010. It was one of these memorable experiences that will stay with us forever. Want to see great places such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and learn about the western expansion that took place in the 19th century with very experienced and loving people? Are you curious, adaptable and a team player? Then this is the trip for you. Why did we love the trip? – We drove for 5,500 miles in 10 days… We were able to see so many diverse places, ranging from National Parks, towns, museums, landmarks, etc. You will not find any other trip that can offer that and for such a cheap price! – During the trip we got to learn about different cultures and make new friends.

The organizers, Uncle Bob and Aunt Lynn and the volunteers who decided to spend their vacation and time to drive us around, show us beautiful places, teach us about American histories and even cook for us! They showed so much love and dedication and our trip was such a memorable experience that will never be forgotten!

What do you need to be part of the trip: spirit of adventure, adaptability, respect for others, willingness to learn and be open about new experiences. Sleeping on the bus was strange at first but we got used to it very quickly and adjusted to the schedule. I would recommend it to any student who wants to see parts of the United States in a very special way.”

Qiu Lei, China, “Because iFace meets our needs and I make a lot of friends through this. They really care about me. It helped me adjust to the culture a lot easier.”

Lili, China, “Everyone who is working in iFace cares about the international students very much & through them I see God’s amazing & endless love.”

Li Qian, China,“Life changing! Though I was far away from home, it was the first time experienced the such great love. They made the time that I spent in the U.S. the best time so far in my life!!!”

Angela, “Thank you so much for this group, especially your kindly listening to my story! For months I just keep silent and close to my own world, today is my happiest and the most peaceful day since I’ve been Lincoln.”

Zeinab, MD, Egypt, “I often think of my days in Atlanta and the lovely trips where you’ve taken us to the greatest destinations. But above all: the amazing people you are and how you touched my life!”

Hui, China, “Thank you for all the things you have done for us. I know iFace from you, and I understand iFace from you. i think there must be many staffs are helping us. In my opinion, iFace is the best place for the internationals. we never feel cold here because we always meet warm smiles, just like home. From iFace I know that American people are so nice, just like friends and family members. And I would like to say: Thank all of you!”

An Albanian friend, “Let me use this occasion to thank in particular Nanette for hosting IWC meetings [an iFace activity] and giving me the opportunity to share with you all the experience of my son’s first birthday as part of the IWC schedule of activities for this fall. Getting to know you and your children has been one of the best experiences I have had so far in Lincoln.”

Natalia, Poland, “Thank you for spending time with me. I enjoy being with you. Thank you for not only for conversation…because you also made fun of me :). Thank you for inviting me. I could not see so many wonderful things without it.”

Teresa, Philippines,“Your trips were the most memorable ones in the U.S.A. Your gift of hospitality inspired me all these years to go back home as a missionary.”

Li, Shaanxi Province, China, “I’ve been telling my fascinating experience abroad, the love I received from God, the friendship with American people to my family and all friends of mine who are deeply touched, and eager to learn something about God.”

Victor, Colombia, “I was totally touched by what you guys have done for us–international students. I admire your spirit and thank you for all the thing you’ve done for us.”

Hanifa, Malaysia, “It is my great pleasure to have a chance of joining the interface NE trip. We had an opportunity to connect with friends from other universities as well as other countries. Just to say the moment we have shared with all participants was so joyful and friendly.”

Valentin, Romania, “I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and aunt Lynn for your continuous work, support and dedication in helping internationals throughout all these years.You are creating wonderful memories and changing peoples life everyday.You have definitively changed mine…”

Saji & Jolly, India, “Geographically we were around 8000 miles away from our hometown in India, while in Atlanta for Fulbright research at Emory University. We would never forget InterFACE ministries: the heartwarming fellowship, several delightful trips with Bob and Lynn through the heartlands of American culture and the warmth of host families, all cherished us in a wholesome way. Well, with the love of Christ @InterFACE the distance to our home was=0 miles !!!”

Guangyong Yang, China, “I have a full time job at Vanderbilt University for 9 years, and I am also associated with World Financial Group part-timely to help people achieving their financial goals. I realized I need to improve my English conversation skill while I was helping American families to solve their financial problem, then I found American Conversation Partners. I’ve been with this group for a couple of years and I will be staying in the group for as long as I can. I really enjoy the process of improving my English speaking with all of those warm-hearted, passion-driven volunteers from different backgrounds. I appreciate their contribution to help people from other languages like me. In return, I wish I could do something to help more people like Iface volunteers do for me. Thanks.”

Sun and Juan, China,  “My husband and I appreciated very much for your kindness; you gave us lots of wonderful furniture, which we love very much. We have spent a wonderful time during the period we stay in American; we met so many kind persons whom gave us lots of help! Thank God and thank American people!”

Ying, China, “Uncle Bob and Anti Lynn, Good to meet you! You will find some photos as attachment. It is my first time to stay with American people so nearly. If I were you, I think I couldn’t serve other people with love and selfless like you. I have ever seen Lynn waiting for us not only in strong sunlight but in rain. And you drove bus in night and guide us on day…So I am impressed by your noble and charming personality. I do appreciate it.”

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