As I was about to enter God’s house on Sunday morning, I learned that Clark, my best friend from before I was 4 years old, passed away. As Air Force military “Brats”, it was unusual to know anyone more than 3-4 years, because our dads, Air Force officers, were always being reassigned to different military bases around the world. What made our friendship unique was that our dads were reassigned to the same Air Force Bases three times in a row and at the same time. So in kindergarten we were in Ramstein Air Force Base Germany; first and second grade in Wiesbaden Germany; and then third through sixth grade at the brand-new Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs, CO. Then, just before we were to start the seventh grade, Clark sprang the news on me that his dad had been reassigned to Air Force Base in Japan whereas my dad would end up staying @ the AFA until he retired in 1969. That broke a string of 3 moves in a row where we hung out together as best friends. Occasionally we’d see each other every few years and eventually it just became a matter of exchanging birthday & Christmas cards every year. But we always stayed in touch. 


Clark Reynolds would’ve been 67 on December 1, but now he’s celebrating the best birthday of all with his Best Friend in heaven. I don’t know exactly when Clark became a follower of Jesus Christ, but on his last day on earth, he was humming,

“Swing low, Sweet Chariot”-

Coming for to carry me home…

I looked over Jordan and what did I see

Coming for to carry me home

A band of angels coming after me

Coming for to carry me home


If you get there before I do

Coming for to carry me home

Tell all my friends I’m coming to

Coming for to carry me home


Thanks for being my best friend all these years Clark & for helping point me to our Best Friend – Jesus – the one who will never leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) – the one who has always been faithful from beginning to end (2 Tim 2:11-13) even when we were not as faithful. 


I’ll be looking for you when my chariot arrives to come take me home.

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