On staff with iFace

Yearning for work that takes all your creativity, energy, and faith?

You can’t wait for people “from every tribe and language” to worship the living God together. But you know it doesn’t happen overnight.

We love people because they are made in God’s image, and we trust God’s interest in their life as well as in our own. We don’t hold people hostage to our agenda.

Respectfully, we engage one another in conversation, let one another into our lives, and face the questions life hurls at us with honesty and openness to God’s speaking. We don’t make people believe anything.

Forging partnerships and keeping open lines of communication in an ever-changing context is hard work, but it has to be done. We don’t go it alone.

At the heart of iFace ministry are dedicated men and women whose love for God and for those who move here animates them and draws others into the work with them.

iFace is not for everyone. Is it for you?

Example staff opportunities

Step into an established network of churches, community volunteers, and partner organizations. Mobilize them to serve university students in a major city. Receive the best of mentoring by experienced staff.

Use your experience teaching abroad to befriend the stranger here. Build lasting connections with students while practicing English language skills, sharing meals, and learning about each other’s cultures.

Lead a team of volunteers from both the US and other countries as they learn together to discuss what matters most to them, even the hardest of topics.

Raise your children in a home with people from around the world. Provide a place for students to thrive while attending a college or university, investing deeply in a small number of students. Share with them the beautiful and the gritty parts of each day during this transformational period of their life.

Join an established team who needs help reaching a new group of students. Build mutual trust and understanding through one-on-one interactions and invitations into your daily life.

Give a year of your life: learn from inside a vibrant ministry organization, helping one of its leaders with everything from budgets to communications, research to conference organization.


Do any of these, or something like them, sound like you? Are you ready to explore a possible fit with iFace?

Do you know you’re not ready but you would love to be this kind of person and do this kind of work? You need some Biblical training, or you need to finish school? We have opportunities to intern.