Sean McDowell

Welcoming & Serving International Students in St. Louis

Exciting, intriguing, beautiful. Challenging, intimidating, awkward.

Multicultural friendships can be all of these, so if we give them time to develop, we’ll grow and be transformed in amazing ways.¬†For international students and scholars far from home, Sean is a resourceful friend on the cross-cultural journey, with a supportive network of student friends, caring volunteers, and partner organizations. They want everyone to thrive who comes to St. Louis.

Sean offers opportunities to:
  • improve conversational English skills (group or one-on-one)
  • explore community festivals and cultural activities
  • visit the zoo, museums, and nature parks of St. Louis
  • share home-cooked meals with community friends and families
  • experience national and family traditions, seasonal celebrations and holiday parties
  • enjoy game nights, movie discussions, and other social events
  • discuss and learn about the cultures of others (and share yours)

Interested? Have a question? Contact Sean below.

Interface staff welcome all international students, research scholars, and their families, of any ethnic, national, faith and religious background or life experience.