Air Force removes Nativity scene

By Todd Starnes

Published December 09, 2013
  • 660-Air-Force-Nativity.jpg

The Baby Jesus has been kicked off Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, according to an organization who relishes any opportunity to eradicate Christianity from the U.S. military.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation praised officials at Shaw Air Force Base for removing a Nativity scene located near Memorial Lake on Friday. The traditional Nativity included plastic statues of Mary, Joseph, the Baby Jesus and an assortment of animals.

Apparently, an undisclosed number of Airmen were so emotionally troubled by the sight of a manger scene that they immediately notified the MRFF.

I can only imagine the psychological damage they must have suffered as a result of glancing at the plastic statues. I hope no one needed hospitalization, God forbid.

(Uncle Bob’s footnote: This type of humor is called satire. It’s a good thing these military airmen don’t face real combat. It’s even worse that they won’t face God.)

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