There’s a reason why it’s called a shakedown cruise.
Today I traveling to South Carolina with my friend Peter to pick up our sleeper bus that’s been in the shop since mid-February for an engine & transmission replacement. After a short test run to make sure everything is in good shape, Peter follows me 2 hours to take the most difficult interstate freeway that rises the highest in elevation over a 10 mile drive from Old Fort up to Black Mountain near Asheville, North Carolina. Not only did the bus go twice the speed up the mountain compared to our former engine, the new jake brake immediately kicks in to help the bus go slowly & safely down the mountain. That’s 2 A+!!
Then, as we stop for dinner to visit our new staff, Lea Ann Wright, in Greenville South Carolina, the bus suddenly looses air pressure in the middle of the parking lot. What’s lat all about? D-
Fortunately, within two minutes the air pressure was back to normal and I am able to move the bus. 30 Miles down the road after dinner, it happens again. The breaks freeze up in a QT Truck Stop.  When air pressure drops below 60 psi, breaks automatically stop bus. They should’ve called it a “bus stop”.
Something shook loose, so tonight I’ll sleep on it (pun) & drive back to the other end of SC tomorrow (Saturday) morning for Tim, the mechanic, to inspect & hopefully find out what’s wrong. Thanks for your continued prayers….
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