Chapter 2 continues:
Saturday 7:50 AM, 7/20/13
15 miles from mechanic’s shop I start smelling what I think is a burnt wire. Then a lady drives past waving her arms for me to stop the bus. Looks like it’s on fire. Smoke pouring out between rear tires. Fortunately it’s not the engine, transmission or the tires. Maybe one of the brakes locked up?
Waiting for the mechanic to show up to give me a diagnosis and see how long it will take to fix.
So much better to shake out these problems before we put this bus in service….if we get it in His Majesty’s service.
For those catching up on this saga, my only lifeline slipped away to lease a friend’s sleeper bus for next week’s Go NW trip. So it’s either the Lord’s way or no way.
Chapter 3 to be cont…..


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