When we moved from Columbia MO to Houston TX 36 years ago to begin serving intl students, I used “seed faith” and gave away our rectangle dininground hardwood table room table & chairs and prayed for God to bless us with a round hardwood table. The day after we moved into our Houston home, a lady whom I had never met, called to say she was bringing us a gift she felt impressed by God’s Spirit to give us. This is that table that we finally sold with deluxe oak captain chairs @ our garage sale. By the way, after we received the table, I couldn’t help buy gently remind the Holy Spirit that He missed in not also sending 4 chairs. To my surprise, I heard Him say. ‘You never asked me.” Befuddled, I checked my prayer log (yes, I used to log in my requests to see how often God answered; & quit after seeing so many answered so quickly) and discovered that I had only written down “round hard wood table”. He was right (of course)! That led me to pray for 4 matching hardwood chairs and a few days later He provided again!

God is Good!

Someday remind me to tell you how God gave us our first sleeper bus when we had 0 money.

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