Lea Ann- South Carolina
God used Randy Alcorn’s book Safely Home to redefine what global missions can look like and draw me into His kingdom work right here. Throughout my life key relationships with missionaries (retired and on the field overseas) stirred my heart for the world but it wasn’t until I realized that the nations coming to us in the U.S. was also a part of God’s mission plan that God ignited my call to the local campus. And God is inviting all of His people through the local church to join us in this global – local mission. Together showing the world around us who He is as we help those new to our country and our community find their way around, navigate a new culture and language. These simple acts are a powerful witness of God’s love and they shine brightly!
iFACE has allowed me to pursue God’s call using the talents He has given me, in my unique community context, and among the student populations that He is brings here. Over the years I seen the student population shift and have been able to adjust to serve different people groups and a wide range of local churches. God has taught me to keep light on my feet (He is a God who is on the move) and my hands open (He gives and takes away, for our good.). It is an exciting, challenging, and deeply rewarding adventure. Previously, I taught school for 13 years, served on church staff, was a development coordinator for a Christian non-profit. The skills from each of these jobs has been very useful in service. Nothing is wasted in God’s hands, and it is always exciting to see how He will use what you surrender to Him.
It has been such a joy to meet beautiful men and women from around the world. God is continually revealing more of Himself to me as I enter into relationship and service with those He brings to me here. There is nothing like feeling the Holy Spirit at work as you serve; seeing His hand in the lives of volunteers & students and reflectively experiencing God in a deeper way. Whether it is the first time someone hears about the gospel and experiences God or a volunteer / student goes to a deeper understanding of who He is- God works in multiple directions! Blessing upon Blessing!!

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