iFace staff Bill Perry developed this synopsis about Post America:

Thought you might be interested in this. You may have heard me speak of “Post-America,” meaning that our country is changing with new realities that are “post” or beyond or after. I had started with 3 post realities: America is now Post-modern, meaning our thinking and ideas are no longer constant but relative. Post-Christian, meaning our values are no longer based on Christianity. Post-literate, meaning that most of us prefer learning by oral means rather than reading. Recently I added another one: Post-rational, meaning that more people live with contradictions in their lives, ones that simply don’t make sense.

Now I have discovered another one, and while all of the above are sad, this new one is particularly so:
Post-family, meaning that typical heterosexual two-parent family development is no longer the dominant goal of marriage. To see the article on this, click on the link below. The changes that are happening today are occurring at breakneck speed.

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