Steve and Lani Borgman Shade

Steve and Lani Borgman Shade

4441 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104



Having had some cross cultural experiences ourselves, we understand the unique needs that international students and scholars have adjusting to a new language and cultural environment.  We desire to extend friendship, hospitality, help, and spiritual care to international students studying at various universities in Philadelphia.   We value the partnerships we have with local American and ethnic churches through which some of these activities are offered.


The Charis House is a Christian home, which welcomes international students and scholars of all ethnicities regardless of their religious faiths or practices.  We encourage the open exchanging of ideas, cultural values, experiences, and faith in a comfortable home environment where relationships are characterized by sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and respect.  It is an ideal living arrangement for those who enjoy community living and multi-cultural friendships.



We offer home Bible studies for those who are interested in learning about the Bible and for those who desire to engage more deeply with their faith.

We also host a variety of English conversational groups for those interested in practicing and improving their English language skills.



Dinner and Culture Evenings focus on one particular country each month.  Those who come enjoy the unique tastes of the country being highlighted as well as gain new insight and understanding about that country’s people and culture.

Social Activities and Sightseeing: Camping, hiking, biking, skiing, game evenings, movie discussion evenings, walking tours of Philadelphia and visits to other cities on the East coast and favorite vacation spots!



Holiday dinners with American host families

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