PRAY FOR PARKINGContrary to this sign post I spotted on our GO East trip in NYC, one of the first lessons I discovered about prayer was how God does in fact honor the prayer of faith even for an insignificant parking space. First time I prayed that innocent was as a senior @ Univ MO in 1969 when I drove my roommate’s bulky cargo van and needed a space on the corner in front of the Student Union so that I wouldn’t have to try to parallel park that beast. And then it happened: as I drove past the the Student Union to see that all parking spaces were filled, suddenly the car at the end of the line moved out and left me a free parking place w/o having to parallel park! Was that a “coincidence”  or an answer to prayer?  For the last 45 years I’ve been praying that very same prayer for a place to park and He has always provided. God is good.  Fortunately, parallel parking is no longer a worry.
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