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I took a bus on a path like this when I drove my dad’s shiny new 34′ motor home up a 4 wheel drive mountain dirt pass in Colorado. In less than a mile, I “repented”: I realized I had to turn around. There was simply too little road to handle tight curves and steeper inclines. Thirty minutes later, after numerous nerve-rattling maneuvers overlooking a cliff, with 3 anxious grade school daughters and a calm wife at my side to guide me out of that nightmare, I got it turned around without seeing another jeep on the trail during those tight maneuvers.

As soon as I headed back down the mountain, however, the fun began as we saw the surprise looks on other 4 wheelers coming up that tiny path as though I had actually come from the other side of the mountain.

The joy of making it home safely without a scratch resulted from a quick exit strategy—what the Bible calls “repentance”—decisively changing course when I knew I had made a wrong decision.

Are you headed down the wrong road? Stop and ask God for help. Not only will He provide a way out, but joy comes when you’re headed in His direction.

Please don’t tell my dad about this. He might not let me use his motor home again.