Lincoln TEAM

Kurt & Nanette Olsen



    Kurt and Nanette Olsen joined InterFACE in October 2006 to work with international students and scholars in Lincoln, NE.

    Lincoln is home to the University of Nebraska and a number of smaller colleges where international students have the opportunity to further their education. We believe that education happens both on and off campus, through both formal study and through life experiences.

    Having lived in the Middle East for over 6 years, we understand what it is like to be a foreigner. We are deeply concerned for international students and want to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways as you learn to function within our language and culture. This could be as simple as helping you find your way around town, or as involved as working with you to improve your English or make connections during a summer internship elsewhere in the U.S.

    For several years, now, we have also been helping immigrants and refugees in Lincoln. We primarily serve people from the Middle East. For students looking to enrich their lives through volunteerism, we could provide outlets, through tutoring and other opportunities with kids and families, including purely social outings.

    We purpose to connect people from different parts of the world to promote friendships and understanding across cultures. We also aim to answer your questions about our faith in Jesus Christ in gentle, respectful ways.

    More than anything, we want your experience in Lincoln to be a positive one. Our prayer is for you to return to your home country having formed deep bonds with loving friends, and a clear understanding of the hope that we live by.