If you read any of the 1990 pseudo Christian, sci-fi thrillers in the Left Behind series, you might not discover anything spiritual or Christian in the latest movie of the same name. Here’s why watching the movie might be a dud, according to this editorial in Christianity Today:left behind

“If the Left Behind books were just pulp novels injected with Christianity, then the Left Behind movie is just a disaster flick injected with the slightest, most infinitesimal amount of Christianity possible. This is, in one way, good—no one needs to be upset, or get angry, or be offended, or question their beliefs, or the beliefs of those around them, or anything, because the film takes no stance on anything. The film is so inept, confused, and involuted that there’s no danger of even accidentally cobbling together something that could necessitate a defense of Christianity.”

If you want accurate news of what will transpire at the end of time, why not start at the beginning…in the book of Genesis which means “The Beginning.” If you need help, ask one of our iFace staff or someone you know who regularly reads the bible, goes to church and practices what he/she preaches.

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