iFace COVID-19 Update

Last updated March 26, 2020

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Life for many of us has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. Colleges and Universities across the country have switched to online classes and many students have moved home. While campuses are quiet, the work of iFace staff and volunteers continues over phone, text, and video call. We move forward one day at a time, clinging to the promises of our loving Father and looking for where and how he wants us to act. As we continually reach out to God in prayer in this time of uncertainty, we wanted to share a few pictures of what members of our iFace community are experiencing and how they’re continuing to minister in this time. May these stories guide your prayers when you think of us.

Ministry location A




C (include what life is like for Int’l students, how ministry is continuing)


Something about how our people and churches are uniquely positioned and invite involvement (via links to existing pages)

How can we love those in our midst who have been dealing with this stress and fear for a long time—those who have been waiting for news of the health of loved ones overseas or coming to terms with the knowledge that the home they planned on returning to won’t be the same?

That love may have to look very different from our usual instincts or comfort zones. It may mean staying further away instead of drawing near, inviting someone to stay in your home for longer than is comfortable, or setting up regular times to talk with someone even if you don’t quite know what to say. But now, as our understanding and empathy for the situation grows, let us ask God for wisdom, insight, and courage to love those who are scared and far from home, especially those who do not know the promises and care of our Father in heaven.

Please pray for our staff and volunteers as they try to love well while wrestling with their own questions and concern about the future, their families, and their communities.


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