New in Houston

Welcoming International Students


Coming to the “States” can sometimes be a strange and challenging experience. Our desire is to assist students and their families in small ways to hopefully make their stay easier, more enjoyable and enriched.


I’m new here, too!

In the past, I’ve enjoyed

• Sharing cultural and social events with students and their families, providing opportunity to meet other students and Americans, and to experience different parts of the American culture. 

• English classes that provide an opportunity for conversational English as well as some practical help in adapting to life in the “States” and learning more about US culture.

• Bible studies for English as a Second Language Speakers who desire to learn something about the Bible or further their understanding of it.

• All sorts of practical ways of welcoming students to their new community and environment!

Now that I’ve moved here, I’m eager to learn about my new home and welcome you.