Golden, CO TEAM

Welcoming International Students at the Colorado School of Mines

Coming to the “States” can sometimes be a strange and challenging experience. Our desire is to assist students and their families in small ways to hopefully make their stay easier, more enjoyable and enriched.


Discover America Events
Activities include cultural and social events throughout the year that are designed to allow students and their families the opportunity to meet other students and Americans and to experience different parts of the American culture. Events include such activities as sightseeing tours, cultural and social events, and observing traditional holiday celebrations.  This hopefully allows students to experience something more than textbooks and “four square walls” (it also makes for better conversation when communicating with family and friends back home).

English Classes
Classes are held September through April, three days a week for women and a separate class once a week for men. These classes seek to provide an opportunity for conversational English as well as some practical help in adapting to life in the “States” and learning more about US culture.  Check out for more information.  Child care also provided.

Bible Studies
Weekly small group format for English as a Second Language Speakers who desire to learn something about the Bible or further their understanding of it.

Garage Give-Away
This once a year event is planned each August for the new international students attending the Colorado School of Mines. The “Garage Give-Away” offers used household items (from large and small furniture to kitchen, bath items as well as toys, etc.) free of charge to international students and their families.  Free delivery of items is also provided within the Golden area to students’ homes.

Terry & Trudy

For information or details about any of the above events, please contact Terry or Trudy at, visit, or fill out the contact form below.