On a Saturday morning in early December we always have a Gingerbread House Decorating Party and we attracts 30-40 international families to participate. Actually our “gingerbread” houses are constructed in advance of graham crackers and meringue icing which acts as the glue. We make 30-40 houses in advance and invite people from other countries to come to decorate them with various candies.

This is a great project for a mom & dad to do with their children and everyone seems to enjoy it. We play Christmas music, take pictures in front of a Christmas tree and have The Christmas Story comic books for everyone to take. This year we also had posters for our Christmas Dinner & a Movie where we have a nice dinner together with Christmas decorations all around and then watched “The Nativity Story” movie with English sub-titles. We did this about a week later and had a full house of people from other countries, most of whom came as a result of the Gingerbread House Decorating Party.

International families always express their gratitude for this fun event for them and their kids and we get to share the meaning of Christmas.

Craig & Shirley Colbert
International Friends
InterFACE Ministries
University of Missouri-Columbia

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