Social media has contributed to both positive and negative experiences in my work as iface staff. One of the best things about social media is it makes it easier to follow the developing lives of the many many former members of our IFACE programs and English Language Learning programs. Whether they are here in the USA or other countries, it is a great joy to watch people grow and flourish, people who have impacted you at least as much as you have impacted them. One of my former English Language Learners had started pursuing salsa and bachata dance lessons at a dance studio when he was a student in my class three or four years ago. Since then, thanks to social media, I’ve seen him enjoying dancing in many local dance competitions that I wouldn’t be able to go to because of work or family. And I’ve loved watching his skills on the dance floor develop, and watch the way he is able to put the spotlight on his dance partner. He and his dance partner volunteered to come help the members of the Intown ESL for Peace program ( learn to dance salsa. They were great teachers. So many people enjoyed it. Afterward, several of our American and international student volunteers were seriously pledging to sign up for weekly lessons at their dance studio on Mondays. They are the future Salseros of Atlanta. Check out the photos and videos below :

My former student and his partner put on a little show at the end. Can’t wait to learn to dance Bachata next time.

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