Donating to iFace

Your gifts send us

You’re on board (or considering it).

Perhaps you volunteer with us, and you see the ways a gift can further this work you know and love. Or you wish you were close enough, or free enough to be directly involved, and you want to support others who can.

Maybe you know one of our staff, and see the good that comes from devoting their time and energy to serving the international community. You want to get them there.

So you give.

By far the largest share of what’s given to iFace we spend directly on people: paying our staff so they can give themselves. The rest provides the resources they use to get things done and administrative backing so they can focus on their work.

We’re careful with what you give because, like you, we want it to have the most impact it can.

Giving financially

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Get Involved

Find a staff person near you to learn about the different opportunities to volunteer in your area.

Not near you?

Let us know about your interest and we’ll talk about possibilities like connecting you with a partner organization in your area or starting a brand new outreach to international students!

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