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Thursday, June 4

Thanks to recent donations some needs are being met. “Yesterday eight family units were served.  We picked up six boxes of breakfast and lunch meals for kids which we delivered to different families in the neighborhood.” A church donated a grocery card for Linda to use to pick up food for a diabetic neighbor with specific dietary needs.

Others in her community have also shown their generosity:

“A sweet seminary student across the street from me offered the only loaf of bread he had. Instead I was able to pass a box of groceries to him…and we prayed in the street together for neighbors and Nolan, a homeless man in our neighborhood, in particular.”

But there continue to be very practical needs: international students struggling to meet rent since they are not eligible for benefits, food and clothing for a homeless neighbor, an under-insured property, and so many other things both small and immediate and huge, requiring years and answers we don’t yet have.

“Pray for tenants to find ways to pay rent, for positive relationships with police, for my kids to get back to work, for people already suffering from PTSD to manage the current stress, for no interracial gang conflict, and for opportunities to share the good news of Jesus and redemption at every level with neighbors, refugees, students, and friends.

Your generosity is an immense encouragement. I know we all have needs and there is so much to try to understand about this complex situation…’In the city for good’ is the slogan of a church perhaps two miles away. A lot of Christians are staying…not leaving…kneeling and reeling in humility, confusion, and dependence on God for wisdom and grace.

Please pray! For peace and justice. For safety on the roads. That their neighborhood would be valued and protected by the local government. And that Linda’s continued faithful presence in this community would be sustained.

Local churches have jumped in to help, offering food and anything their neighbors might need. Christians from outside of the neighborhood are offering to drive into the city to help. Others have given Linda and her family a refuge when they needed it.

Please help us to provide Linda additional resources to help her neighbors and sustain her ongoing witness.

She is working to distribute food, medicine, and diapers. $25 can buy a bag of groceries or get medicine from a pharmacy, $100 can cover a utilities bill.

You can give here.

Previous updates:

Tuesday, June 2

iFace staff member Linda Leonard provides homes for Internationals—both students and refugees—from an apartment building and a house that she owns in her Minneapolis neighborhood. They are currently suffering from protests and rioting in response to the death of George Floyd. Over the last week many nearby businesses have been looted or burned out and the rest are closed. Electricity has gone in and out and the roads in her neighborhood were crowded today with protests and police.

“People are in such distress: we are doing all we can to deliver food and goods.”

In addition to immediate needs, what effect will this have on her International friends in the area? There is fear and uncertainty about both the protestors and the police, so she is working to keep refugees and students informed and safe.

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