William Wilberforce understood the power of words long before German sociologist Elisabeth Noelle-Newmann coined the phrase “The Spiral of Silence.” He spoke out against the injustices of the prevailing cultural norms of his day and spearheaded a movement that abolished slavery and reformed British culture.

Today we too face a culture in crisis. A handful of angry voices seemingly control the message on the most fundamental issues of life, liberty, marriage and family. The majority opinion has been silenced, its proponents labeled ignorant, intolerant, out-of-touch bigots. The Spiral of Silence has a stranglehold on culture, spinning a web of Lies that threaten to destroy the very fabric of society. Christians feel threatened, alone, and helpless.

But you are not alone. The Spiral of Silence is fragile, and if one by one we stand up and speak out against the Lie, against injustice, against evil, the spiral will begin to unravel, and Truth and justice will prevail. For too long, Christians have been cowed into silence when it comes to the sanctity of human life, traditional marriage, and religious freedom.

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