“For your Father knows the things you need before you ask Him” (Matt. 6:8).

God loves to surprise us! Consider what happened, as we were almost finished with one of our GO West trips. Things had run pretty smoothly. Suddenly an emergency light on the dashboard lit up. That’s never good news! The light indicated that the bus was not generating power as we headed down Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings’ numerous hairpin curves. Managing the bus without lights is no problem during the day, but our goal was a short night’s drive over the Rockies to Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park.

So, without a working alternator we’d be lucky to drive a couple of hours with limited electricity. Our only resource was to pray and find a bus repair shop nearby. But out here, in the middle of no where? None was listed in a national truck repair directory. Then the most unbelievable sight appeared. As we approached the main gate at the bottom of the mountain, what do you suppose we saw? A mechanic sitting in a bus repair truck all by himself! He had the equipment to repair and weld bus parts. Unbelievable! What are the odds of finding that kind of provision? So while he worked, we hiked with the students to a sunset point, singing and reminding them of the miracle God brought our way. We prepared deluxe peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for all—something I felt led to buy earlier that morning for the next day’s lunch. Thus dinner was covered as well. Considering the bus has no bathroom, God even placed a port-a-potty nearby.

The capstone of the story: the sign on the repair truck read, Bob’s Bus Repair!

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but one recent summer morning we again entered Mesa Verde National Park and at the Bob's Johnmain gate sat this porta potty.
I wonder if they named it after our miraculous bus repair?!

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