As IFACE staff, I spend most of my time exploring ways to bring international student volunteers and Americans from diverse cultural backgrounds to build friendships with one another. I love being busy imagining these diverse groups working together as one group to serve one another and our local communities. And I love meeting with them to help make that collaboration possible. People often ask me where my office is. I don’t have an office. I’m usually driving around, meeting and interviewing Americans and international students from local institutions and communities to develop collaborative relationships for our connecting events. So I usually say my office is my car. But in between meetings, I can usually be found in local coffee shops furiously texting or typing away. I’m doing the behind the scenes work that’s necessary to get feedback, promote our events, and plan. Or I’m staring into space and letting my mind search for new ideas to help increase our international student leadership, or new ideas for connecting events. The music, multicolored decor and furniture, local art and diverse clientele and staff of ChocoLate Coffee is a huge help as a source of inspiration for ideas. Coffee helps too. I’m thankful for the creativity and imagination that I absorb from the art and friendly staff in the independent coffee shops in our area like ChocoLate Coffee . Where do you go to get inspired and get behind the scenes work done?

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