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Bob & Lynn Culver

Ben Allin & Na Young Kim

Natalia Maliavina

Bob & Lynn Culver

Bob & Lynn Culver have been serving in Atlanta since 1981. As grandparents, they know some current students’ parents or grandparents! Bob is the president-emeritus and co-founder of iFace (InterFACE Ministries), serves on the Board of Hope Springs Learning Center, and is Chair of ACMI, a national & global network of Christians serving international student/scholars.

Ben Allin & Na YOUNG KIM

Ben helps churches develop programs and sponsor events in which members of their churches can build relationships with international students and others in the community by serving alongside people from other: churches, religions, countries, nations, ethnic groups, and language backgrounds. Ben is most known for developing and coordinating the ESL4PEACE program. Ben specializes in promoting opportunities in the community for interreligious learning and the development of lifelong international friendships while helping churches grow in intercultural learning towards becoming houses of prayer for all nations. Ben has a Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies, a Masters of Education for Teaching ESL to Adults, a Master of Arts in Intercultural Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding, and is a trained mediator. Ben recently completed his Master of Divinity studies at Metro Atlanta Seminary.

Ben responds to texts at (770) 545-9859

natalia Maliavina

Natalia came to Atlanta in February 2020, far from her home in Russia, and distant from the God she had known since childhood. God brought her and her husband into Christian community through Villa International (where they live) and ESL4Peace (which she joined to improve her English language skills. As her faith in God was renewed, so did her desire to serve grow. Natalia now devotes her organizing and leadership gifts to serving the International community alongside Ben and Na Young.

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