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REACH International Athens

REACH International Athens is committed to introducing international students, visiting scholars, and their family members to local residents in the Athens, Georgia area who desire to share Christian hospitality with others and experience cross-cultural exchange with neighbors from around the world. Our mission is friendships that last forever! Current programs include:

Conversation Café

Conversation Café is a means for international students to connect with each other and local
Athens families during the school year who desire to extend “welcome” and engage in cross-cultural exchange virtually during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will meet online on the third Saturday of each month at 9:30 a.m. for an hour-and-a-half. This time was chosen to make it possible for participants in other parts of the world who are studying online at UGA and other area colleges to also be able to join us. The event is purely social, and participants are invited to bring their own beverage to enjoy as we engage in interesting conversations about various topics of interest related to culture, dreams, and personal values. We may also play some games online or share holiday-themed demonstrations! The gatherings will begin with an introduction of the topic followed by an opportunity to chat together in small groups.

App Buddies Program

How helpful would it be to have a friend in Athens, who is a native English speaker, and knows the best places in town to eat and shop, as well as having someone to advise you when you get ready to buy a car, need other service recommendations, or have a question you would normally ask friends and family back home? REACH’s App Buddies Program can connect you with a local family or individual in the Athens area who would be delighted to meet with you online or through email, to interact with you as your schedules permit, and to serve as a resource for you before you move to Athens and as you adjust to life in the Classic City.

Women of Worth (WOW) Care & Share Group

Our Women of Worth (WOW) Share & Care Group provides a forum for international women to connect with one another through their shared experiences and to care for each other.
Although participants are from different places around the globe, their lives as students, employees, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends are similar. Our WOW group offers
gifts of sisterhood and friendship to women living far from home. The group meets for an hour-and-a-half each week. Currently, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the group is meeting online via ZOOM. Once we are able to meet again in person, groups may also occasionally engage in social outings, craft activities, or community service projects together. Inspirational sharing may include some religious content. Participants may also be offered an opportunity to receive prayer for special needs if desired.

Online Bible Study

International students, visiting scholars, and family members are cordially invited to join us online for Bible study. The group primarily helps believers grow in their faith, but seekers are
also welcome! We meet on Zoom each week.

Please visit for more information about any of our activities and to register.


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