Bob & Ann Sullivan

Bob & Ann have moved to Arlington VA/Washington DC. They serve internationals through various churches by training people to teach English as a Second Language and set up programs for to study English and the Bible. They also host many fellowship groups, Bible studies and help Internationals to adjust to the USA.

PO Box 241, Annandale, VA 22003


The purpose of InterFACE in Arlington, VA is to be of service to international students and scholars. The following list of services is what we, with the help of many volunteers, have done in the past or are continuing to do.


1) Community services referrals – We can help to connect you to different community resources available to help you.

2) Conversational English Workshops – For those who wish to begin a program in their church or just to teach an international English, we have an eight hour seminar and a 16 hour workshop available to train teachers.  The cost is nominal for this training.

3) American and ethnic church referrals – We can help you find many ethnic and American churches of all kinds.

4) Local friendship activities including dinners, English as a Second Language programs, Bible Studies, Sunday Schools, Outings.  (All available upon request).

5) Conversational English opportunities.

6) Home Bible studies – There are many bible studies available throughout the area and we can help you to become involved in one.

7) Holiday activities – Many times we do special events to help you to better understand and celebrate holidays the American style.

8) “American Friends” friendship program – Visits can be arranged with you and an American family that will help you have a new friendship and cultural exchange.

9) International Womens’ Club – International women who don’t get out too much can come to an interesting tea and friendship program that offers craft class and interesting topics.  This also helps practice your English and meet other internationals.

NOTE: Most of these services are FREE! Any service that does have a cost will be advertised with the cost clearly stated ahead of time.