A Word from the President

James Paternoster, the new President of iFace/InterFACE Ministries, is now behind the wheel.  Now it’s James’ turn to drive the bus. Yet for those who have known about our unique bus trips, that chapter of iFace closed in 2016. So, “driving the bus” or getting “behind the wheel” are metaphors to show how James is now in the “driver’s seat” and in charge of iFace.

Getting to know Americans in your community can be a major challenge when you are from another culture. International students can count on InterFACE to provide a wide variety of activities to satisfy their specialized interests.

InterFACE has several Program Locations throughout the country to assist international students and scholars. Our staff and volunteers are Christians committed to serving the international student community.

International students and scholars will tell you that we are the kind of people who show God’s love in action rather than just talk about it. We all appreciate the kind of friend who is willing to look after our best interests. This is our goal for you in every InterFACE activity.

“Uncle” Bob & “Aunt” Lynn will continue to manage the national office in Atlanta and serve as minister at large to staff, students and supporters.F Culver