Internationals & Your Church

A Foretaste of a New Heaven and Earth

You long for the whole world to share in the blessings of God to us. You want your members to extend the friendship of Jesus to the whole world. Can that happen right here?

It can, because the whole world comes here.

A cup of coffee with a student or scholar can open into an exchange of ideas, swapped stories of growing up in wildly different places, walking together through a new stage in life and, just perhaps, a lifetime of friendship.

Imagine traveling to the other side of the world, not on a mission to strangers, but at the invitation of a close friend, to see his home, to meet her family, as one who has loved their loved one well.

Is that what you want for your congregation?

If so, that’s a vision we share. iFace serves and extends the church’s ministry.

What would it take to work together?



The Partnership

Potential developments:

By (practical thing: providing meeting space, rides, food, volunteers, mentors, resources, funding) we can (do this).

Training, providing volunteers, recruiting teams, financial support, etc.

Examples with pictures?

Want to partner with iFace? See if we’re in your area¬†

Not in your area? Let us know where you are and we’ll see what we can do.