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iFace is a nonprofit educational, Christian organization which networks international students and scholars with culturally sensitive Americans who enjoy cross-cultural friendships and the open exchange of ideas. All iFace activities are open to international students, scholars, and their families regardless of race, nationality, or religious preference.

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“iFace meets our needs and I make a lot of friends through this. They really care about me. It helped me adjust to the culture a lot easier.”


Qiu Lei

“iFace meets our needs and I make a lot of friends through this. They really care about me. It helped me adjust to the culture a lot easier.”


Qiu Lei

News and Blogs From Our Staff

Whose clothes are you wearing?

50 years ago on the first stop of our GO West honeymoon, Lynn Culver & I walked across the Royal Gorge Bridge after “tying the knot” of marriage a few hours earlier in Colorado Springs. She wore a white dinner dress that complimented my best black suit, a gift...

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50th Wedding Anniversary Confession

So what do I make of the most unusual gesture I’ve witnessed as our airplane waited to take off? A flight attendant came down the aisle with only two bottles of water & two white packages. When she got to our row, she bent down beside us and presented us with the...

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New face behind the wheel

Soon you will hear from James (and Barb) Paternoster, the new President of iFace/InterFACE Ministries. I've been behind the wheel since beginning InterFACE in 1983. Now it's James turn to drive the bus. Yet for those who have known about our unique bus trips, that...

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Rain, rain go away!

Have you ever unconsciously (or consciously) told God, “prayer doesn’t matter.“ I wonder how many times I’ve done that? This morning, for example, I prayed that God would protect our low lying house from a possible flood from the creek that frequently overflows it’s...

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Veteran Urbana student shares her bus ride

University of Minnesota: I attended the Urbana missions conference while a grad student at the University of Minnesota. I had wanted to attend for a number of years but lived in Washington State which was too far away to consider the travel costs in the early 70s....

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Tis the season for parties!

And iface staff in another city asked me to post this: Last month, a kind friend gave an IFACE worker in Nashville around 100 brand new pieces of clothing from her boutique to gift to some of the Arab refugee ladies she works with.  We decided to throw a clothing...

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Women in Distress

An iface staff person in another city asked that I post this: Women in distress Over the past few months, an Iface worker who serves local refugees has been connected with 5 refugee women who are fleeing domestic abuse from their husbands.  One of these women is a...

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