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The Face of International Friendships

InterFACE (iFace) Ministries

iFace is a nonprofit educational, Christian organization which networks international students and scholars with culturally sensitive Americans who enjoy cross-cultural friendships and the open exchange of ideas. All iFace activities are open to international students, scholars, and their families regardless of race, nationality, or religious preference.

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“iFace meets our needs and I make a lot of friends through this. They really care about me. It helped me adjust to the culture a lot easier.”


Qiu Lei

“iFace meets our needs and I make a lot of friends through this. They really care about me. It helped me adjust to the culture a lot easier.”


Qiu Lei

News and Blogs From Our Staff

Lucky 13

I won this “brown” turkey fig at my neighborhood garden club meeting with my lucky 13, my guinea pig rank in an experimental heart angioplasty procedure in 1996 that keep my heart working until last year’s heart attack. When I asked the first cardiac resident in 1996...

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Ponder Anew What The Almighty Can Do

Pondering, praying and believing God’s promises. Have you ever come across a verse or section in the Bible that you thought maybe God is showing you something special, but you’re not sure how to apply it to your present situation? Like you, it’s happen to me numerous...

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Nah, he’s not the one!

Nah. He’s not the one! When was the worst insult the best compliment you’ve ever received? Twice I have been told to my face: “Nah. He’s not the one!” (Remind me to write a blog about the second incident. I think it’s funnier!) The first one happened while I was still...

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Where Do You Hide in Times of Trouble?

My parents owned a beautiful “Eleganza” motorhome that my mom would often remind me was not a camper, nor an SUV, but a motorhome. They knew when we came to visit them in Colorado that we would often take our family on a 4-5 day vacation in the Colorado mountains and...

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Pomp and Circumstances

Pastor a church vs. a clan (or was it a van)? For two years I was honored to serve as a professor and eventually as the dean of the Manna Christian College (now Grace College of Divinity, one of the teaching arms of the Manna Church in...

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Best Demotion I Ever Received

When was a demotion the best thing that happened to me? I wanted to earn money for college in a new environment at the beginning of June 1967. The previous summer I had worked at the luxurious Broadmoor Hotel earning about $5/hr, 5x the min wage. But I thought it was...

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