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We all appreciate the kind of friend who is willing to look after our best interests.

Our staff and volunteers are committed to serving the newcomers in our communities. International students and immigrants will tell you that we are the kind of people who show God’s love in action and don’t just talk about it.  

New to the US?

iFace connects you with Americans eager to welcome you and help you adjust to life here.

Ready to welcome?

Information for volunteers, churches, potential staff, donors, and universities.

Our friends come from all over the world!

Over the last 25 years, iFace staff have come to know people from over 150 countries. Bringing such different people together creates a unique, rich experience for all of us—students, staff, and volunteers—as we share life, what we don’t have in common, and what we do.

Countries represented

Who are we?

Every community is a little different. Wherever you find iFace, you’ll find a love for people from all over the world and a desire to make their life here the best that it can be.

iFace activities are always open to all, regardless of ethnic and religious background or life experience.

“iFace meets our needs and I make a lot of friends through this. They really care about me. It helped me adjust to the culture a lot easier.”

Qiu Lei


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International friendships that last forever


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